Innoosy Renaissance 2.0

Serious Game for Fun Innovation

Serious Game

Every body can be an Innovator !

Researches have proven that an aldut is usually blocked between 10 to 20 ideas.

Standard and basic ideas are poping out first. It is due to our education, culture and all mental biais limitations. Innoosy Renaissance 2.0 is a serious game created to innovate. It allows you to replace your old Brainstorming session.  It makes it more fun, more creative, more productive ! You can get more than 60 ideas per hour ! Choose your product here

New Brainstorming Method

During a classic brainstorming, people get bored quickly.

Thanks to Innoosy Renaissance 2.0 we help you make it fun for all. We use the Triz created by Ingenior Genrich Altshuller, Design Thinking method, sustainable development and more…

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It has never been so easy and fun to innovate!


Want to generate more ideas in less time. Fill your ideas portfolio.


People will generate ideas wich you cannot imagine just to win the challenge. All ideas from stupid to clever ones will popup. Ideas battle will challenge everyone to win. 

Innovative Brainstorming Method

Replace your old brainstorming sessions and have a fun gaming session. 

Culture your ideas

Innoosy uses elaborate methods such as TRIZ, Design Thinking…Those sessions will break down mental barriers and boost employees cooperation.

Choose your game mode

Team mode creates competition between teams. Cooperative mode provides joint goal for all players.

Play in a team

In family, with your friends, colleagues, enjoy a fun game. Who is the most creative and innovative ? Who be the innovator master ?

Innovation history

Innoosy was designed with the memory of the greats inventors who have made our history.You will learn more about these famous characters.


Grâce a Innoosy, nous avons pu améliorez la version initale de notre ULO. Très bonne séance d’innovation !


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  • 1 box Innoosy Renaissance 2.0



  • 1 Box Innoosy Renaissance 2.0
  • 3 phone meeting to help you get the most of the game
  • 3 Custom themes adapted to your needs
  • 5 Innovation Video Training sessions
  • 1 Innovation Master Certificate


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